Learning Disability Service Holds Victory Day Celebrations

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Visitors and Residents of Turning Point's Weaver Courtlearning disability service in Bradfordgot together to celebrate Victory Day, 1940's style on Friday 4th May. Staff and residents were dressed up in 1940's costumes, showing visitors around their reminiscence room which contains a selection of wartime memorabilia.  It was also a chance to find out how Turning Point is supporting individuals with a learning disability to lead more independent and fulfilling lives.  

Caroline Byrne works atWeaver Courtand has helped to organise the event.  She said;"We decided to hold a Victory Day party as a lot of the residents atWeaver Courtwere alive during the war and enjoy the music from that era.  It also gave them a chance to spend quality time with their family and friends in a fun and welcoming environment."

"The event was really fantastic from start to finish, everyone has gone home absolutely beaming, especially the winners of the raffle and tombola. I'm just really proud of the whole team who have pulled together to organise this, just like people did during the war."

Juliet lives atWeaver Courtand attended the event.  Her mother, Anne is pleased with the support her daughter is receiving from Turning Point. She said;"Entrusting the care of a daughter or son with disabilities to someone outside the family is an experience fraught with feelings of anxiety and apprehension, as it was for us when our daughter, Juliet, went to live as a resident atWeaver Court. 

"It is a happy home where she is looked after by a wonderful team of  caring, dedicated, friendly and helpful staff and where her individual needs and interests are catered for.  Parents and carers are always welcome to visit, to discuss any worries or problems, and we are often invited to parties, coffee mornings and other events such as this one.  It is a lifeline for us all."

Family and friends attending the event also enjoyed a buffet lunch along with two hours of entertainment, including the 'Singing Sweethearts' and a tribute to Vera Lynn. Any proceeds made from the raffle will go towards future events for the residents.