Independent Commission on Mental Health and Policing Terms of Reference published

News item posted: 19 June 2017

The Terms of Reference for the Independent Commission on Mental Health and Policing, chaired by Lord Victor Adebowale, Chief Executive of Turning Point, have now been published.

The Terms of Reference give further detail about the work to be undertaken and have been agreed by all members of the Commission. The purpose of the review is to carry out an independent examination of cases within the last five years, of death or serious injury of people with a mental health condition after contact with the police.

Lord Adebowale has already written to a number of families who have been personally affected by the cases that the Commission will be examining to share the Terms of Reference with them.

Lord Adebowale said: "I'm pleased to publish the Terms detailing the independent Commission's task. All the Commission members took time to discuss and carefully consider them at our first meeting to ensure that the approach we take is measured, thorough and able to get to the truth. We are now ready to move ahead with our work, and I look forward to engaging with those who have been personally affected, who would like to share their views with us, as well as others who have taken an interest in the work."

Terms of Reference