Improving smoking cessation in drug and alcohol treatment

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Turning Point and Public Health England have published a new briefing on smoking cessation pilots in drug and alcohol services, for others to learn from.

The summary shares early learning from Turning Point’s implementation of evidence-based smoking cessation interventions, training and processes across nine sites.

Key elements of the pilot programme included assessing service user smoking prevalence to provide a baseline for comparing future prevalence; assessing workforce attitudes and behavioural staff training; a review of our smoking policies; designing interventions for assessment and goal planning; and recording of outcomes.

Neesha Chand, who led the pilot work said: ‘Given the prevalence of smoking across drug and alcohol services it was important for us to ensure support was available for our service users and staff. By training our staff in brief interventions and proactively working in partnership with local stop smoking services, we started to see staff in pilot areas effectively engaging people into cessation programmes and working towards quitting.

To mark Stoptober, we are now expanding the pilot and rolling out smoking cessation support to all of our substance misuse services. It’s an important element of our public health work and one we hope to continue developing over the coming month.’

You can read the briefing, summarising the start of Turning Point’s pilot here: