Find Good Care and Support

News item posted: 19 June 2017

New website combines expert advice and comparable directory of services

2 million people start their search for care and support every year. It can be a confusing and distressing experience.

Care experts, the Social Care Institute for Excellence, have developed a new online service called Find Me Good Care to help people on their journey through the care system in England.

Find Me Good Care is the most comprehensive online source of advice for adult social care available. It provides expert advice on the big issues including:

  • Planning care: What do you want to be able to do as a result of using care and support?
  • Options: What type of care and support is available - from care homes and home help, to transport services and cleaners?
  • Arranging care: Who does what?
  • Paying for care: How much does care cost and who pays for what?
  • Care for different groups: What to consider when looking for care for different people

With Find Me Good Care you can:

  • search and compare services
  • save information and advice into your own online care planner
  • print off checklists to use when you visit care and support services
  • read reviews of services written by people who have used them
  • share your experiences by writing a review of a service you have used.