Dr. Felix Davies presents on Crisis Mental Health services at WHO meeting in Lille

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Dr. Felix Davies, Managing Director for Mental Health Services at Turning Point, is speaking today at the 4th international WHO meeting in Lille, France, on a Recovery-Based Approach to Mental Health Crisis Services.

Turning Point's Crisis Point service is a mental health support centre in a residential area of Manchester. The service supports people to resolve their mental health crisis as well as prevent or manage future episodes, and thereby reduce the risk of self-harm and suicide.

The Recovery Model is central to Crisis Point. Support is tailored to each individual's needs and people are not defined by their symptoms or diagnosis. The service looks at the whole person, working with them to give them back control, helping them to draw up their own support and risk management plan, and make their own decisions.

Crisis Point has also adapted the Recovery Star outcome measure specifically for service users in crisis to identify their goals, and progress against them. At Crisis Point, despite high risk levels, and a maximum stay of 10 days, significant progress is made by service users.

For more information on Crisis Point please visit the website