Connected Care in ‘The Barriers to Choice Review’

News item posted: 19 June 2017

David Boyle, an Independent Reviewer based at the Cabinet Office has published 'The Barriers to Choice Review.'

The review was set up to answer the question: how do people use the choices they have been given in public services? In particular the review focuses on how much these choices are used and valued by the most disadvantaged groups in society.

The report found that there is strong public support for being able to choose but that around a third of the population find it difficult to do so.

Turning Point's Connected Care model is cited in the report as a successful method of implementing choice in public services. Connected Care is Turning Point's methodology for bringing about changes in the design and delivery of health, housing and social care services through community engagement. The model works directly with commissioners and communities to co-design health and social care services.

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