Choice and Personalisation through Community Engagement

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Chief Executive of Turning Point, Lord Victor Adebowale, writes about choice and personalisation through community engagement in ResPublica fringe magazine.

Lord Adebowale has written an article for ResPublica fringe magazine which discusses how Turning Point's Connected Care model of community led commissioning aims to address the gaps in service provision for those with complex needs. Victor discusses how personalisation can only be achieved by directly involving the people who will be using the services in their design and delivery; Connected Care not only gives people a budget and a choice between existing services but a chance to shape the services they want from the ground up.

Victor writes; "We have the chance to turn our care system around, not only for the increasing numbers of older people who use it, but also for the many younger and working age people who require social care services. Clarity on funding will enable badly needed reform to happen, but of course the solution is not about money alone. Turning Point also remains aware that only through integration, personalisation and responding to the wishes and needs of the people that use our services will those services remain relevant and effective."

Read the full article in ResPublica fringe magazine