Chief Inspector of Prisons Report on HMP Thameside

News item posted: 19 June 2017

HMP Thameside is part of a strategic partnership with Serco, Catch 22, Turning Point and Harmoni to deliver meaningful interventions and a consistent approach between community and prison services in order to provide support, linked to positive outcomes for people both during their time in prison and after their release.

Turning Point's role at HMP Thameside is to provide 'other structured interventions', sometimes known as Psycho-Social interventions, alongside the substance misuse services provided by Harmoni. Turning Point also supports Harmoni with the provision of IDTS (Integrated Drug Treatment system) through group work and clinical 5 and 25 day reviews.

Selina Douglas, Turning Point's Managing Director for Substance Misuse services said;

"The HM Chief Inspector of Prison's Report highlighted a number of issues at HMP Thameside which need to be addressed in order to improve service delivery.

One area highlighted was integration and Turning Point has already taken steps to improve the level of integration between the services and between the services and service users. For instance, in February this year, Turning Point instigated the Service User Forum, monthly meetings which are attended by prisoners, Turning Point staff and other departments as requested or required by the service users. These meetings focus on ways of improving the service for the service users and are led by the services users.

All partners involved at HMP Thameside are fully committed to providing quality support to the service users and to improving the level of integration between the services in order to ensure that the best support is available. The Inspector's Report will be comprehensively reviewed by all partners and all necessary action on the recommendations taken."