Chester resident uses art to inspire recovery from substance misuse

News item posted: 19 June 2017

Chester resident Andrew Lloyd uses art as an inspiration for recovery from substance misuse. His work is inspired by aboriginal artwork from Australia - the country of his birth - a form of art which primarily uses symbols and patterns.

Andrew overcame a 20 year history of cocaine and amphetamine use, for which he accessed support from Turning Point. It is his artwork which has helped him to sustain his recovery and remain substance free.

Andrew said: ‘I hope this can inspire other people to spark a change in their life and realise that there is a better life beyond drug and alcohol misuse.’

Rachel Edwards, Service Manager at Turning Point said: ‘We are extremely proud of what Andrew has achieved. Not only has he overcome his drug misuse, but he has gone on to inspire others through his amazing artwork.

‘Since joining us here at Unity House, he has also dedicated a lot of his time to our allotment project, and has recently been accepted to become a Peer Mentor.  Andrew received a Special Recognition Award at Turning Point’s recent graduation ceremony to recognise the work he has done for the service.  We very much hope he will have a long connection with us here at Unity House which will be beneficial not only to him, but others too.’

Andrew’s work will be displayed for three weeks at the Chester Art Centre, Northgate Street from 4th November. For more details visit:

If you are concerned about your or someone else’s drug or alcohol misuse, contact the Cheshire West and Chester service on 0151 350 6500.