APPG on Complex Needs Responds to NHS Future Forum

News item posted: 19 June 2017

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Complex Needs and Dual Diagnosis submitted its response to the NHS Future Forum stating that more needs to be done to ensure those with co-existing complex needs are no longer left out of the system.

The APPG, a group of interested MPs, Peers and individuals working in the health and social care field, was set up in 2007 with the aim of ensuring the needs of people with complex needs and dual diagnosis, loosely defined by their chaotic lifestyle, complexity of need and co-morbidity of a range of conditions remain high on the political agenda.

The response set out 6 concerns which need to be addressed if services are to meet the needs of this group. They included the need for comunity engagement in the design and delivery of services; greater accountability for addressing health inequalities and the fact that GPs lack specialist knowledge to meet the needs of people with a dual or multi diagnosis.

Lord Adebowale CBE and David Burrowes MP, Co-Chairs of the APPG say of the response;

"People with complex needs often pose a challenge to commissioners and providers of services due to the complexity of their lives and the need for different agencies to work together around the individual. The lack of integration and understanding in the current system means people often fall through the gaps in provision and their needs go unmet.

"The Group's response to the Future Forum raises a number of concerns that we hope the government considers, but also offers recommendations as to how the Health Bill can rectify the current situation and ensure everyone is in receipt of good quality support.

"People with complex needs should be the litmus test which proves whether or not actions taken by GP Commissioning Consortia and Local Authorities to engage with and respond to the populations they are responsible for, really work."

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