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We go beyond the traditional boundaries of health and social care - because we believe in being flexible and treating you according to your individual needs. The results speak for themselves.


Crisis Point Mental Health Service

"When I first arrived at Crisis Point I was in quite a state. But with plenty of rest and the professionalism of the staff I now feel ready to hold my head high and face the world again"

Housing Link

"Of all the service key workers I have been involved with, Turning Point's key worker, Ann, is the only person who has really listened to me and my needs"

Mental Health family support                                                                                          

"I was struggling with my husband's illness but I could not have coped without Turning Point's knowledge and expertise"

Mental Health service user 

"I would not have been able to keep my job without Turning Point support"



People come to our talking therapies services often feeling a sense of hopelessness or fear about the future. Sharon, a woman in her 50s, had been signed off work with depression and work based stress. “I had low mood, no energy or motivation and a very negative state of mind. I was full of self-doubt, very anxious and constantly worrying about everything. I had lost interest in everything and was withdrawing from social events. I was worried that I might never be fit to return to my job as a manager.”

Sharon’s GP told her about Turning Point’s Rightsteps service in Wakefield and she referred herself.

“Initially I was worried about being judged and having to try and explain why I felt like I did. My counsellor, who was very understanding, quickly put me at ease. She helped me to identify what was triggering my illness and taught me how to identify when it was happening and a variety of ways to change my thinking.

My counsellor was always available for me to call in between sessions. I learned to look at things differently and to like myself more and accept praise and compliments for what they are. I stopped trying to mind read and predict the future and concentrate on the here and now and only deal with things that are relevant.”

"I feel like a great weight has been lifted off me. I am more positive and look forward to the future. I am enjoying playing golf again and going to the gym. I also feel much more at ease in the company of others.”

And what would Sharon say to others in the same position? “Try it - go into it with an open mind and be honest. You may not feel comfortable at first having to discuss personal feelings but you will find it easier after a time and it certainly helps to talk.”



This case study is a way of putting thoughts together in one place to share personal experience and reflect on how my time was spent at Haven House.

One of the key things I want to talk about is that the staff at Haven House complement each other even though they have different skills and their own experiences. All of the staff show overarching kindness and compassion to guests. They give us hope when all coping skills are depleted and teach you how to relax. They don’t panic in difficult circumstances and try their very best to help you by doing an action plan. I particularly found one type of meditation useful, this was listening to a CD that I have since been able to buy and this has now added to my own coping skills.

One member of the team suggested I try drumming and since leaving I have been to a drumming class and I will regularly go as I enjoy it and it gets me out.

I have also bought a NHS Nottingham Trust Cookbook called “Nourishing” that I first came across at Haven House. I now enjoy making these simple and tasty recipes. This is now my armoury to cope.

I have had support to find information that I need to keep with me while I go through the next stages of my journey.

I didn’t find the experience easy but I believe that it helps you deal with the crap that won’t go away until you have re-visited it.

I felt tired and exhausted while I was there because I was dealing with difficult situations. When you go into a crisis there is nowhere you feel safe.

I have now been to Haven House three times but I don’t see this as a failure, I see it as an opportunity to learn new ways to heal. The staff here are able to see positives when you yourself can’t.

Haven House is a unique place, so much better than being an in-patient on a ward. I give them 10/10 for their love and care.