Specialist High Support Services

Our person-centred specialist high support services are here to help you address your needs - if you have a mental health issue or a personality disorder, and/or have a history of offending, we can help. For us, no needs are too complex and our track record proves that we can produce positive outcomes, even if there is a view that your needs are 'hard to manage'. Our services are there to bridge the gaps between health, probation, housing and the community.

Our high support mental health services are designed to:

  • Give you the personal and social skills you need to improve your quality of life
  • Provide services that promote independence, daily living skills and prepare you to move into your own accommodation
  • Assist you in developing a good network of family and friends
  • Address and monitor issues around your offending behaviour
  • Enhance community safety, by working in liaison and co-operation with the appropriate agencies within the Care Programme Approach (CPA) and Multi Agency Protection Panel (MAPP) frameworks

There are two main aspects to high support mental health services:

Residential Support

You will be provided with accommodation and care packages which include regular key work sessions; social problem solving sessions, house meetings, structured activity, and team work. 

Outreach Service

We support you in your local community to help reduce your risk of reoffending. We also provide you with information on other local services, including ongoing medical support and housing.

Referrals to these services are made by forensic team care managers if you are:

  • Stepping down from a secure environment
  • Moving from a high to low security hospital
  • Being discharged from prison.

People being referred to high support mental health services are likely to:

  • Be diagnosed with a mental health or personality disorder
  • Have a history of serious offending and/or a significant potential for future harm to others
  • Require support in stepping down from a secure setting
  • Have complex needs which have not been met by other local provisions - whether hospital or community based.