Clinical Governance & Quality Assurance

Turning Point is committed to providing high quality services to the people we support, their families and carers and commissioners.

This commitment was enhanced with the recent introduction of a comprehensive and rigorous clinical governance framework - based upon seven core areas, identified by the Department of Health:

  • Safety
  • Clinical and cost effectiveness
  • Governance
  • Client focus
  • Accessible and responsive care
  • Care environment and amenities
  • Public health.

Our quality assurance systems and tools are embedded within our operating structures and culture. This allows us to monitor and report against these seven areas, driving up standards and organisational learning.

In addition, our Internal Quality Assessment Tool (IQAT) embraces all the regulatory standards required by such bodies as the Care Quality Commission and Supporting People, as well as recognised field standards such as, Quality in Alcohol and Drug Standards (QuADS).

Turning Point is an Independent Provider of NHS services and a holder of a Monitor licence. In line with Condition G6 of our licence, our certificate of compliance with the licence conditions can be found here: Monitor Certificate - May 2018

To find out more, please contact our Risk and Assurance team on 0161 238 5232.