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Whether you're recovering from drug or alcohol problems, mental health issues, or have a learning disability, we offer the support and boost you need to get ahead.

As I am now 43 years of age, I never considered taking any qualifications in the past. Now I can definitely see the benefits of doing so. The staff at Turning Point are helpful - they put themselves out to help me; because they can see how keen I am to make progress with my life. They always do what they say they will, and it doesn't take months as with other organisations I've tried. Their enthusiasm and know-how keeps me motivated and eager to learn as much as I possibly can while I am a client.

EESPRO (Employment and Education Support Project)
Employment Your Stories
The help I have received since going along to job club has boosted my confidence and now I look forward to getting back into work. And if there isn't any work, Nicky always gives us a boost to keep going and to keep looking. Nice one Nicky.

James, EESPRO (Employment and Education Support Project)
If only everybody who's been in prison had people had people like my Turning Point Employment Case Manager. I feel many more ex-offenders would return to a worthwhile and productive, meaningful life without crime. I feel that without their intervention in my life, I would still be unemployed.

John, West London