For Friends and Family

If you know someone who is out of work or experiencing employment issues we may be able to help. We provide specialist support, information, advice and guidance to help people with a range of complex needs find jobs within their local community and improve their quality of life and overall health.

Thanks to Turning Point Employment I am a lot more confident in myself and what I can achieve when I put my mind to it.

Duncan, Sheffield

We understand the impact unemployment can have on people's lives and the wider issues it can affect, including relationship difficulties. We also know that meaningful employment helps people get the most out of life.

We have developed a number of specialised employment services to help individuals find meaningful work within their community, encouraging them to gain independence and skills. By using a range of techniques we can overcome the boundaries that stop people from gaining and maintaining employment.

Most importantly, we treat each person and those around them as individuals, addressing their unique, wide-ranging needs. This tailored programme of support makes sure everyone gets the right support - and the best possible result. In order to use the Turning Point Employment service, you need to be referred to us through the Work Programme.


We know that our specialist approach to employment works. We have consistently exceeded our performance targets and in 2010 we gave more than 600 people nationwide a route back into work.

Person Centred Approach

We treat everyone as an individual, addressing their own unique needs. To ensure we achieve a fully person-centred approach, we've developed measurement tools that help us benchmark our performance and show we're making a tangible difference.

Clinical Governance and Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to the people we support - offering them high quality, award-winning services. We foster a culture of excellence and have rigorous checks in place to make sure we consistently meet the high standards we set ourselves.