Worcester Strengthening Healthy Communities

Working with NHS South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, Turning Point has been asked to deliver the Worcester Strengthening Healthy Communities Project to improve health outcomes in the Gorse Hill, Rainbow Hill and Warndon areas of Worcester. The project seeks to understand in detail the factors that influence lifestyle choices, health and long term condition management and how people engage with local health services.

The aim of the Strengthening Healthy Communities project is to reduce health inequalities in Worcester by improving health outcomes. Gorse Hill, Rainbow Hill and Warndon have been identified as Areas of Highest Need within Worcestershire, where many residents face significant disadvantage and deprivation. Late presentations and low awareness of contributing lifestyle factors have been suggested as possible causes for why health outcomes are lower in these areas. The project will explore this in more depth and support the development of partnerships with the local community to bring about sustainable solutions.

Research and Engagement

A team of 17 local people have been recruited as Community Champions. They engaged with over 300 local residents regarding their health and wellbeing and use of local services. For more information, download the research report here.


NHS South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group


The findings of the community research together with an asset mapping exercise involving local staff and stakeholders have been used to identify the strengths and weaknesses in current service provision and the appetite for new community led initiatives to address the key issues. Three health initiatives will be prototyped in the local community to help improve health outcomes locally.

These prototype initiatives are:

• A targeted promotional campaign raising people's awareness of local groups and activities that are centred around the five ways to wellbeing.

• A local drop-in service called "Time to Talk" run by residents for residents. This gives people somewhere to come where a friendly face can sit and chat to them - and most importantly - listen to them. They can also help put people in touch with other local events and services which might be useful.

• A lifestyle group where people from the local community who are living with a long term condition have the opportunity to be part of a group over five weeks where they receive free practical sessions from local service providers on a range of areas from cheap and healthy recipe ideas to coping with stress.

Click here to download our latest Research Report on Worcester Strengthening Healthy Communities.

These pilot initiatives have now been completed and the outcomes and impact from the pilot and from the project as a whole have been detailed in the report that can be found here.