Project - Connected Care in Hartlepool

Owton Ward is one of Hartlepool's most disadvantaged areas. It faces many challenges, including high rates of teenage pregnancy and a large proportion of single parents. There is also high unemployment due to sickness or disability and low levels of literacy. 



The Connected Care project in Hartlepool was the first national pilot of Connected Care and began in 2006. Community Researchers found that services could be improved by providing: 

  • Better information, at the right time and place
  • Increased choice of services
  • Easier to access services
  • Continuity and coordination within services
  • A responsibe, flexible and well-trained workforce.

The Connected Care service has now been set up in Owton. It includes:

  • Navigators working to improve access, promote early interventions, support. choice, ensure a holistic approach, and integrate with universal and long-term support
  • A complex care team integrating specialist health, social care and housing support
  • A project manager to oversee the service and promote change in the wider service system.       

This is delivered through a social enterprise managed by residents and local community organisations with a focus on the needs of local people.