Clinical Commissioning Groups

Connected Care provides a proven mechanism for effective commissioning, gaining a broad range of patient viewpoints, analysing and acting on them. Turning Point can support you to engage communities and represent the patient voice at all stages of the commissioning cycle from initial needs assessment through to service design, planning, reconfiguration and contracting.

Effective commissioning relies upon meaningful engagement with patients, carers and the wider community. 

Our tried and tested model of community engagement builds on existing patient and public involvement mechanisms locally by engaging with patients and the wider community including 'hard to hear' groups supporting you to redesign care pathways for specific patient group and to integrate services.


Clinical Commissioning Groups will need to demonstrate strong clinical and multi-professional focus which brings real added value. Turning Point's model of community-led service design provides a way for you to engage effectively with local partners.

Health commissioners will need to develop clear and credible plans to deliver the QIPP challenge within financial resources. Turning Point's model of community-led service redesign starts with the patient's experience to build integrated care pathways which make the best use of available resources and encourage patients to take more responsibility for their own health - reducing demand in the system.

Our work shows that integrated early intervention programmes can generate resource savings of up to £2.65 for every £1 spent.

Our credentials

Turning Point is a social enterprise, focused on improving lives and communities for nearly 50 years. We provide health and social care services across the UK supporting people with the most complex needs including mental health problems, learning disabilities and substance misuse issues. We are trusted by communities and bring expertise in engaging the 'hard to hear' groups.

Turning Point is not about making a profit for shareholders. We are a social business committed to turning lives around.